• Plancha Grill is easy to use

    Plancha Grill is easy to use

    • Cook with your family or friends
    • It’s fast and without smoke
    • The plancha grill is fun and playful
  • Swiss Plancha Grill Expert

    Swiss Plancha Grill Expert

    • We are here to give you advice
    • High-end selection of plancha grills
    • Modern and colorful designs
  • Plancha grill cooking: healthy and delicious

    Plancha grill cooking: healthy and delicious

    • Cook meat, fish, vegetables
    • The food keeps its flavors
    • Eat healthy
  • Reinvent Outdoors Cooking

    Reinvent Outdoors Cooking

    • The plancha gas grill can be installed everywhere
    • Take advantage of your garden to the fullest
    • It’s so great to cook in the open air!

Purchasing an electric or gas-fired plancha grill

  • Advice from the passionate

    Advice from the passionate

    On myplancha.ch you will find a representative who will guide you and give you advice for choosing your plancha grill.
  • The modern design plancha grill

    The modern design plancha grill

    The plancha grill becomes an element of decoration which will bring out your patio. The decoration wins over the exterior and the plancha grill embellishes the garden. Its lines are simple and refined. The colors are vivid. The design is modern and brave. The materials are solid. The plancha grill represents a way of life; it brings user-friendliness and creativity to your outside meals. So isn’t it natural then for its bodywork to be as shining as the one of a beautiful car? The brands we work with have understood that and they pay particular attention to each detail.
  • Quality before everything else

    Quality before everything else

    Our plancha grills are made to last. They are made by experts, out of quality materials.